Private Client

Our advice is designed to meet the individual particular needs of our clients. We have access to a wide range of international trust companies and private bankers in various jurisdictions worldwide.

Wills and planning for the later stages of life

We can assist you with wills, estate planning and asset protection both in the UK and overseas and we advise on inheritance tax issues and related problems in the UK.

A will allows you to pass your assets to those you really want to benefit and we have the expertise in covering the position with regard to overseas property and other assets.  We have close connections with lawyers in other European countries and worldwide.   When there is a need for a foreign will we can make necessary introductions.

We provide our clients with clear professional advice to ensure that proper structures are in place to safeguard assets for our clients and their beneficiaries.

Creating a Trust, either during your life time or on your death may be appropriate for saving inheritance tax as well as ensuring that control is maintained over trust funds during lifetime.  Arrangements or structures may be available to minimise the impact of unfortunate circumstances including a) mental or physical incapacity in the event of accident or illness b) protection of family assets following family breakdowns and c) protection of family assets in the event of bankruptcy of beneficiaries.

We can advise on lifetime and will trusts including the tax implications of creating and running a trust. Our service includes drafting the trust deed and advising on the trustees’ duties.

Probate and Estate Administration

We also provide estate administration services following death to include filing inheritance tax returns, obtaining Grant of Representation and administering the distribution of the estate. We have particular expertise in dealing with UK Grants for non-UK domiciled clients.

Clients can be confident that all aspects of the estate work will be professionally and sensitively dealt with to ensure the maximum benefit for themselves and their beneficiaries.

Powers of Attorney and Living Wills (or Advance Directives)

There are two separate ways of appointing an attorney to look after your affairs in future years (should there be a need):

Property and Financial Affairs Lasting Power of Attorney:

This leads to the appointment of one or more attorneys to make a range of decisions for you including house transactions, other asset sales and purchases, dealing with your tax affairs, operating bank and building society accounts, paying bills and claiming benefits on your behalf. You can also include a condition that means the attorney(s) can only make decisions when you lose the ability to do so yourself.  You can also limit the powers of the attorney(s)

Health and Personal Welfare Lasting Power of Attorney

This relates, in part, to the “Living Will”, referred to below

An attorney so appointed can make decisions on such matters as your living accommodation and care, consenting to or refusing medical treatment, and on day-to-day matters such as diet and dress.  This can only apply once you lack the mental capacity to make such decisions yourself.

Both types of LPA must be registered with the Office of the Public Guardian before they can be used by your attorney(s).   This acts as a safeguard against abuse of the process.

Advance Directives or Living Wills Many allow people to record their wishes in the event they suffer an accident or suffer from illness which means they are incapable of making their own decisions. They are becoming increasingly popular and persuasive when medical practitioners are providing treatment.

Planning for the later stages of life may include entering residential or nursing care.   This can involve various health and financial assessments as well as funding options.   Some health and social care options may be payable through state payments but increasingly private payments will have to be made.    We can assist you with navigating your way through this complicated area.