Swears, Affirmations and Certification of Documents

What is a ‘swear’ or ‘affirmation’?

This is when an individual signs an important legal document (such as a Statutory Declarations or Oath) in the presence of a Solicitor (as opposed to a Notary) and then “swears” or “affirms” that the contents are true.  The charge for this is £5 and £2 for any exhibit attached to the document.

What is a ‘Certified Copy’ of a document?

This is an exact copy of an original document, certified by a solicitor (as opposed to a Notary) to confirm that it is identical to the original. The wording of the Certification will depend on the precise requirements of those asking you to provide it.   The charge for this is usually £10 per document but can vary depending upon number of copies required and complexity.

We do not give legal advice in these situations but this that can be arranged separately subject to our usual procedures.

Please feel free to contact us if you require this service.   It can usually be provided at short notice